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Critical text

Flowing water 

by Jacqueline Ceresoli

Liquid abysses and organic traces by Simonetta Chierici

For Simonetta Chierici, trained as a biologist and artist by vocation, watercolor painting represents the primordial flux; it is an emotional and evocative language of surprising luminosity, able to give shape to natural mutations and to transform myths of creation.

Her fluid, transparent landscapes, as translucent as water, as light as air, draw dynamic patterns encased in semi-geometric grids of eucalyptus leaves.

Her plants depend on sunlight, grow from the abyss and can be recognized at first sight, as if they were notes of a mysterious nature, visual memories coupled with literary echoes. 

Representation and abstraction merge into a synthesis of poetic elegance, in hectic fragments akin to fossils of a forgotten civilization that re-surface - fragments that paradoxically combine two different tensions: a motion towards order and a chromatic disappearance.

Poetry, literature, books and watercolors share a common support: paper, a material as fragile as human existence, chosen by the author to enhance water's poetic expressivity. The latter has an ambivalent (conflictual) meaning because on one hand fertilizes a blank page and composes liquid landscapes, while on the other hand hints to the primary Chaos.

The pieces realized for the exhibition in the gallery Sblu in Milan mark an important turn in the artistic research of Simonetta Cherici, because, beyond the books inspired by the Japanese binding technique called “ Nori Ire Gajo”, she presents two installations Shelters and Nature Restoration. In these works she combines the bidimensionality of watercolor with the tridimensionality of the book, thought of as an object that creates a liquid abyss for the reader to dive into. In this place, traces of semi-abstract natural elements re-emerge from the subconscious, codebooks to re-present the process of transformation of reality, and invite the reflection on the essence of organic fluidity.