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I usually start from myself, from bundles of thoughts, from decision anxiety, from turning points. Sometimes also from events that move me or even enrage me. It's enough to look around and listen. Always, however, there are indirect images coalescing, not explicit utterances. 
Their content can be intuited more from the energy of the stroke, from the color suspension and intrinsic poetry of watercolor technique. Sometimes, naming a painting, it is the name itself that pushes me to express, to explicate what I want to communicate in that moment. Almost a therapeutic work. An extraordinary resource to live better. I consider myself lucky to have fund a form of expression so akin to my nature, especially if used as I do, in a spontaneous fashion, without preliminary drawings, only following the hand that knows what to do with water and color.
I can say that I am not interested in painting a specific landscape, or a tree, or an animal, or a person. I am more interested in the icons of landscapes, trees, animals, people that had meaning in my life or evoke emotional states, states of "feeling". And watercolor allows for this fading of images and meanings. It is very cleansing, it extracts the essential. More and more I need to simplify, to represent complexity with synthetic concepts. A need that is, maybe, the result of years of other involvements, occupations, responsibilities. What do I get out of it? Someone said: "Art teaches nothing, beside the meaning of life."

Simonetta Chierici
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Water dresses up:
Colors shoot in my mind
as if they were birds.


Water stops to listen
The swishing of a hundred leaves
That chases in the glance.


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The breathing of water
Experiments unusual shapes
Weightless on my fingers.